Electra Heart album artwork
Marina and the Diamonds
Electra Heart
Released April 27, 2012
Format Digital download, CD (with album)
Genre Pop rock, pop punk
Length 2:32
Label 679, Atlantic
Writer Marina Diamandis, Rick Nowels
Producer Rick Nowels, Dean Reid
Electra Heart track listing
"Bubblegum Bitch" is track number 1.
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"Bubblegum Bitch" is a song by Marina and the Diamonds on her second studio album, Electra Heart.

Background and compositionEdit

Speaking about the song in a promotional track-by-track interview, Diamandis stated that the song was written in Santa Monica, California. The song's verses took ten minutes to write, though they were collected over a period of three months.

She said it was "maybe" her favorite track off Electra Heart, describing it as a "fun, sassy song" that was very satisfying to write.[1]




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