Die Life, a proposed project by Marina and the Diamonds, was originally intended to be her second studio album. The title is a play on words, because 'die' is the German article for feminine nouns. The album focused on feminism and sex. The genre can be best described as dark synth-pop.

Background Edit

On 5/26/2010 Marina tweeted: "' May have to scrap germanic 2nd album title "die Life". ' This was the first real indication of the album. Since Electra Heart was originally a project aside from Marina, she wanted Die Life to be the 2nd album and Electra Heart to be released under the name "Electra Heart" rather than "Marina and The Diamonds". But when this idea was rejected by her managers, Marina decided to get rid of Die Life and have Electra Heart as her sophomore album, adding a few of the Die Life tracks to Electra Heart.

Only a few of the Die Life songs have leaked or been released. Jealousy, originally a The Family Jewels outtake, was a Die Life track, along with Sinful. Sex Yeah, the first song to leak after The Family Jewels was released, is a Die Life song. Living Dead and Power & Control were also intended for Die Life. An unleaked song called 'Free Sex', possibly an early Sex Yeah demo, was written for Die Life. A song called 'Die Life', the title track of the album, is rumored to be on the album. Miss Y, Scab & Plaster, and The Other Foot were all tracks rumored of being on Die Life, even though there is no real proof behind them.