FAQin' Hell are 4 Q&A's with Marina and the Diamonds. The Q&A's were uploaded on Marina's YouTube account

First FAQin' Hell Edit

The first Q&A video was uploaded to her YouTube channel on January 29, 2015, and has over 356,811 views as of August 2016. The video is 27 minutes long.[1]

Second FAQin' Hell Edit

The second Q&A video was on live the day of FROOT's release, March 16, 2015. Joey Graceffa has participed on the video. It has over 232,259 views as of August 2016. The video is 33:46 minutes long.[2]

Third FAQin' Hell Edit

The third Q&A video was uploaded to YouTube on September 14, 2015, where she was answering questions about her Neon Nature Tour. The video has over 200,644 views as of August 2016. It has a running time of 23:38.[3]

Fourth and final FAQin' Hell Edit

The fourth Q&A consisted on asking questions through Marina's Twitter (tagging #FAQINHELL) and Marina answering them in little videos, on March 23, 2016.[4][5]

References Edit


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