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This article is about the song. To see alternate articles, check out the album with the same name.
Froot single artwork
Marina and the Diamonds
Released October 10, 2014
Format Digital download, CD (with album)
Length 5:31 (album version)
4:05 (single edit)
Label Atlantic Records, Warner/Chappell
Writer Marina Diamandis
Producer David Kosten
Marina Diamandis
Promotional single information
A-side "Happy"
Single release November 11, 2014
Video release November 11, 2014
←Last single
"How to Be a Heartbreaker"
Next single→
Froot track listing
"Froot" is track number 2.
Previous track
Next track
"I'm a Ruin"

"Froot" is a song by Marina and the Diamonds from her third studio album. It is the title track of Diamandis's album Froot. Marina revealed on her twitter that "Froot" would be released on her birthday, October 10th.

On November 5, the single cover was revealed when Spotify added "Froot" to their platform.

Starting November 11th, "Froot" has been made available to download along with the album pre-order as the first "Froot of the Month", and the Froot was a grape. On the same day, Diamandis released the official music video, a month after the original release.

Background and compositionEdit

Originally entitled "Pamplemousse", Diamandis wrote the song on a "dreary" January day, deciding to write something "weird and upbeat and cheerful" to contrast the weather.[1] Although Diamandis named the parent album after the track "Froot", she confirmed that it was one of last songs from the album that she wrote.[2]

Described by Diamandis as "the most eccentric song on the record", "Froot" is a disco-inspired in terms of production.[3] She went on to call it "a very positive song" about happiness, readiness to love, and "living the best life that you can.". This was an idea she had never before talked about in her music.[2]


A music video for "Froot" was released the same day as the single release on November 11, 2014. As of April 2017, the video has over 7,400,000 views.

Music Video Information
MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS "FROOT" Official Music Video04:13


Premiere November 11, 2014
Filmed October 25, 2014
Director Chino Moya
Producer Amy James
Production co HSI London
Exec. producer Beth Montague
Editor Ellie Johnson
Choreographer Aaron Sillis
Length 4:12


Animation Bill Richards



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