Give Me the Money!
Give Me The Money artwork
Compilation by Marina and the Diamonds
Recorded 2005-2006
Length 40:16
Producer Marina Diamandis
Marina and the Diamonds chronology
Give Me The Money artwork Mermaid vs. Sailor extended play artwork
(c. 2006) (2007)

"Give Me the Money!" (stylized as "Give Me The Money!") is a fan-made collection of demos by Welsh singer-songwritter Marina and the Diamonds. It leak onto Tumblr in May 2012, who leaked it say that all song we're from 2006, except for one, 'Perfect Stranger' that it is a cover of a song released in 2010.

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Starlight"  Marina Diamandis  
2. "The Common Cold"  Diamandis  
3. "Silver Walls"  Diamandis  
4. "Supermodel's Legs"  Diamandis  
5. "Lonely Bones"  Diamandis  
6. "Perfect-oh"  Diamandis  
7. "Hubba"  Diamandis  
8. "Hot, Cross Bun"  Diamandis  
9. "Perfect Stranger"  Benga Adejumo, Oliver Jones, Arthur Smith, Katie Brien  
10. "Happy Meal"  Diamandis  
11. "Pancake Karma"  Diamandis  
12. "Where Diamonds Grow"  Diamandis 3.46

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