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Marina and the Diamonds
Leaked May 5, 2008

"Porn Is Good for the Soul" is an unreleased song by Marina and the Diamonds. The song is supposedly not a demo, but a recording of a live performance.

Spoken IntroEdit

Hello, everybody! This is Marina. I've just learnt to play three chords on my new baby pink ukulele. I play like a child, don't care, 'cause it's helped me write a wonderful song called "Porn Is Good". It's about people never admitting to watching porn. Girls and boys, maybe some of you haven't, maybe some of you have! So, whether you have or haven't, I reckon you should learn the song and walk down the street and sing it out loud with pride! And yeah, I would love it if you did that. And I would even love it if you video'd it and sent it to me. Absolutely glad if you would actually do that.


I'd rather go home
And watch pornography alone
I've got a big collection
A really huge selection

And if I'm really desperate
I'll call my ex up
And have sex on the phone
It beats orgasming alone

Porn is good for the soul
But it doesn't leave you feeling very whole
Unless you own a good dildo
But then I'll bet you think I'm a whore, oh oh oh

Sex is a drug
So throw me a bone
It's so innocent
That's why I always go home alone

'Cause I'm feeling ashamed
That I feel like a boy
Oh, women are meant to act coy
That's why we've bought all these toys

Porn is good for the soul
But it doesn't leave you feeling whole
Unless you own a good dildo
But then you'll all think I'm a whore, oh oh oh
I don't care, I don't care


On January 3rd, Marina's Itunes store was hacked and three songs, Porn Is Good For The Soul, Electra Heart (song) and the Mermaid vs. Sailor edition of Seventeen were released. However, they were taken down about 2 days later.

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