Primadonna single artwork
Marina and the Diamonds
Electra Heart
Released March 20, 2012
Format Digital download, CD (with album)
Genre Electro rock, house, disco
Length 3:41
Label 679, Atlantic
Writer Marina Diamandis, Julie Frost, Łukasz Gottwald, Henry Walter
Producer Dr. Luke, Cirkut
Single information
Single release March 20, 2012
Video release March 12, 2012
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"Primadonna" is track number 2.
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"Primadonna" is a song written by Marina and the Diamonds, Julie Frost, Łukasz Gottwald and Henry Walter. It is the lead single and the second track from Marina's second album, Electra Heart. The song also included production by Dr. Luke and Cirkut. The song was used as the fourth installment of the The Archetypes video series.


Initially, Diamandis came up with the title of the track "Primadonna" in July 2011 before she had even written the song. The track was written and recorded two months later in October 2011, one of the final songs to be recorded for Electra Heart. Marina states in her own words that "picked itself as the first single off the album."[1]

Diamandis describes the track as a song for girls or women who are trying to validate themselves without validation from others. In an interview with Elle Girl, she mentions:

It's about not needing anybody when it comes to love—your raison d'etre is to live for adoration. Girls usually feel like this when they are not appreciated in a relationship. The inspiration for the song came from an ex-boyfriend. He thought it was funny that I was a mega drama queen always talking 'global love' this, 'global love' that! He called me a prima donna. I love it but I also kind of hate it. Like they say, 'You only hate in others what you hate in yourself', so I thought I'd channel this well-known but kind of undesirable character type into a pop song. As the saying goes (that I just made up): You've either been one or dated one at least once in your life.


During an interview with The Sun, Marina said that Electra Heart has four personalities, one of which is 'The Primadonna' (a beauty queen), whom she sings of in the song. They are, she said, "magnifications of certain parts of me and of every woman." Marina also described the song in a track-by track on Amazon as, "channeling the archetype of The Star, asking for adoration."

Composition Edit

"Primadonna" is an electropop dance song. It blends grinding disco and electropop beats with elements of Europop. Diamandis' vocals in the song have been described as operatic. Revolving around an anti-chorus song structure, the chorus is sung in a high tone over sparkly instrumentation before the beat drops to grinding four on the floor verses, where she sings in the gravelly tones of her lower register. The song is composed in the key of A minor, with a tempo of 128 beats per minute, and it follows the chord progression Am-D-G-Em through the whole song.

Commercial release Edit

"Primadonna" was released as the first official lead single off Electra Heart. The song overall became an international success, charting within the top five in Austria, Ireland and New Zealand. In the United Kingdom, "Primadonna" debuted at number eleven on the UK Singles Chart with 25,337 copies sold in its first week, which is Marina's highest-charting single in the UK to date.[3] As of March 2014, the song had sold 205,000 copies in the UK.[4]

"Primadonna" also spent three weeks on the the Irish Singles Chart, before rising to a new peak at number three, which also became Marina's highest-charting single in Ireland as well. The song also peaked at number four in New Zealand, marking Marina's first single to chart in that country. "Primadonna" also spawned success on pop radio formats in the United States, bubbling under the respective Billboard Pop Songs chart.[5] The song also saw a certain amount of club play, almost charting on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart.[6]

Single releases Edit

Marina and the Diamonds
Released April 16, 2012 Format Digital download
1. Primadonna 3:41
2. Primadonna (Kat Krazy Remix) 3:39
3. Primadonna (Walden Remix) 6:21
4. Primadonna (BURNS Remix) 4:29
Total length 18:10
Primadonna single artwork

Marina and the Diamonds
Released April 6, 2012 Format Digital download
1. Primadonna 3:41
2. Primadonna (Benny Benassi Remix) 7:05
3. Primadonna (Riva Starr Remix) 5:45
4. Primadonna (BURNS Remix) 4:29
5. Primadonna (Evian Christ Remix) 3:44
Total length 24:44
Primadonna single artwork

Marina and the Diamonds
Released May 8, 2012 Format Digital download
1. Primadonna (Walden Remix) 6:20
2. Primadonna (Benny Benassi Remix) 7:05
3. Primadonna (Kat Krazy Remix) 4:52
4. Primadonna (BURNS Remix) 4:29
5. Primadonna (Evian Christ Remix) 3:44
6. Primadonna (Riva Starr Remix) 5:45
7. Primadonna (Until the Ribbon Breaks Remix) 3:47
Total length 36:02
Primadonna single artwork

Marina and the Diamonds
Primadonna Remixes
Released December 4, 2012 Format Digital download
1. Primadonna (Ludovika Remix) 6:01
2. Primadonna (Bobby Rock Remix) 5:32
Total length 11:33
Primadonna remixes artwork

Marina and the Diamonds
Primadonna (Acoustic EP)
Released April 21, 2012 Format Digital download
1. Primadonna (Acoustic) 3:52
2. Starring Role (Acoustic) 3:55
3. Lies (Acoustic) 4:06
Total length 11:53
Primadonna single artwork

Music VideoEdit

The music video was directed by Casper Balslev and shot in Copenhagen. The video serves as the fourth part of the The Archetypes video series. Balslev had already directed the videos for "Fear and Loathing" and "Radioactive".

The video officially premiered on Marina's official YouTube Channel on 12th March 2012, which was also the same day as the song's release to UK radio. Two days prior to the video's release, Marina released a fifteen-second teaser of the video. Soon after the video's release, "Primadonna" became a trending topic on social media outlets such as Twitter. As of August 2016, the video has 52,562,291 views, making it Marina's most popular music video on YouTube.

Music Video Information


Premiere March 12, 2012
Director Casper Balslev
Producer Thor Brammer Jacobsen
Production co LOVE
Exec. producer Paul McKee
Editor Jake Wynne
Length 3:59

Screenshots of "Primadonna" Edit

Credits Edit

Song Edit


  • Background vocals - Marina Diamandis
  • Live instruments and programming - Dr. Luke, Cirkut
  • Mixing - Serban Ghenea
  • Engineering - Clint Gibbs, John Hanes, Tim Roberts, Phil Seaford, Jesse Shatkin, Jon Sher
  • Production co-ordination - Katie Mitzell, Irene Richter

Music Video Edit

  • Line Producer - Mikkel DamKiær
  • Production Manager: Cathrine Bjørn
  • DoP - Sebastian Wintherø
  • Grade - George K, MPC
  • Art Director - Rasmus With
  • Styling - Celestine Cooney
  • Hair - Darren Evans
  • Make-Up - Niamh Quinn
  • Additional Styling - Madeleine Ostlie




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  2. Stern, Clare. "Marina of Marina And The Diamonds Says New Album Personifies Heartbreak." Elle Girl. 20 April 2012. Retrieved 13 August 2015.

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