Supermodel's Legs
Give Me The Money artwork
Recorded 2006
Length 2:36
Producer Marina Diamandis
Marina and the Diamonds chronology
Give Me the Money! track listing
"Supermodel's Legs" is track number 4.
Previous track
"Silver Walls"
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"Lonely Bones"

"Supermodel's Legs" (alternatively known as "Not That Ugly") is an unreleased song by Welsh singer-songwritter Marina and the Diamonds. The song was written and produced by Marina Diamandis, and it's the fourth song from the fan-made collection of songs Give Me the Money!.


This morning it occurred to me
I might not look quite like the natural blonde
And I can't help but feel conned
The picture on the packet showed a model with no baggage,
Promising wild sex and marriage
With a big colour chart wand

This morning it occurred to me
I never will quite have a supermodel's legs (Never in a million years!)
Unless I cut each one in half
Become half an octopus -
The two become synonymous
with cocaine glamour, riches, beauty, and crack

I took a trip to the National Gallery
For something more refreshing in what Rueben saw

My supermodel's legs
Think they were plucked from a Rueben-esque world (ah, ah! ah ah!)
My supermodel's legs
Look pretty crap on a 5-foot-4 girl (ah ah ahhh!)

Women, men and in-betweens -- why don't you just stop dieting?
Go bake, eat cake, go cheer, drink beer!
Worrying is boring!

If people said eat loads of cake
You wouldn't want much anyway
And then you would've and stuffed your face
And looked like King Henry VIII

Present; We're told off every day
For living our lives the wrong damn way
"Suck my left one!" is what I say
If i want six coffees a day!

Women, men and in-betweens - why don't you just stop dieting?
Go bake, eat cake, go cheer, drink beer!
Worrying is boring me!

Oh, I get more turned on by pink cupcakes than heroin
Not "rock and roll"; I'm much more Mary Poppins

Oh supermodel's legs
They never held up much weight in my world (ooh wa ooh wa! ooh wa ooh wa!)
Oh supermodel's legs
Cuz women should be women, girls should be allowed to be girls (ah ah! ah ah!)

(Too right!)

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