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Teen Idle
10-25-11 Casper Balslev 014
Alias Teen Idle, Idle Teen
Characteristics Regretful, dramatic, outgoing, fun-loving, rebellious
Song Bubblegum Bitch
Living Dead
Teen Idle
Sex Yeah
Era Electra Heart era
Status Dead

The Teen Idle (also known as the Idle Teen, the American youth) is a female archetype portrayed by Marina and the Diamonds in the Electra Heart series.

Appearance Edit

The Teen Idle takes the general Electra Heart of blonde hair and Electra's signature heart cheek, however, the Teen Idle tends to wear her hair straight or wavy, but never really tied up or short. The Teen Idle tends to wear t-shirts with skirts and has a young, outgoing appearance (as well as seeming sweet and innocent in most situations). The Teen Idle is also depicted as a party girl who drinks and generally tends to get caught up in banter.

Personality Edit

A "Teen Idol" is a celebrity or other form of personality that is well-known and popular among teenage groups. They are respected by teenagers and are seen as sweet heart-throbs. Traditionally a Teen Idol is a famous figure known for being a musician or actor, but they can also be locally well-known teenagers who are popular within their schools and societies.

However, Diamandis' Teen "Idle" is the opposite of this. A teen with many regrets and a longing to be popular. The Teen Idle constant contradicts herself and is split between the person she thinks she is, the person she wants to be and other ideals she wants to be. She is the most confused of the archetypes. She represents many struggles that teenagers face, having problems with drinking, sexuality, self-respect and confidence.

The Teen Idle is one of the most broken archetypes, however, the final line of the chorus of Diamandis' Teen Idle states that when the Teen Idle dies, she comes alive - this literally means that once the teenage years have died, the world opens up and the Teen Idle is no longer faced with these struggles - finally becoming an adult.


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