Electra Heart album artwork
Released April 27, 2012
Length 4:13
Label 679, Atlantic
Format Digital download, CD (with album)
Producer Rick Nowels, Devrim Karaoğlu
Marina and the Diamonds chronology
Electra Heart track listing
"Valley of the Dolls" is track number 10.
Previous track
"Teen Idle"
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"Valley of the Dolls" is a song by Marina and the Diamonds on her second studio album, Electra Heart.

Background and compositionEdit

Inspired by both the film of the same name and her time living in Los Angeles (which she noted can be "such an empty place"), Diamandis described the song as being about "the void—the emptiness every person in their life at some point...though some people feel it more than others."[1]

The song was the final song written for the UK edition of the album, and the second-to-last song written for the US edition after the last minute addendum of "How to Be a Heartbreaker."




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