Froot album artwork
Released March 14, 2015
Length 4:07
Format Digital download, CD (with album), vinyl (with album)
Marina and the Diamonds chronology
Froot track listing
"Weeds" is track number 10.
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"Better Than That"
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"Weeds" is a song by Marina and the Diamonds off of her third studio album, Froot.

Background and compositionEdit

In an interview, Diamandis described the song as the conflicted feelings and struggles you feel still being in love with an ex while currently dating someone new. [1] Weeds is currently the only song Marina has never preformed for a live audience, it has yet to be determined as to why this is as Diamandis has never made an official statement regarding the exclusiveness of this song.

Lyrics Edit



  1. "Track by track of Froot - Marina And The Diamonds." YouTube. 26 March 2015. Retrieved 23 April 2015.

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